In this blog article - Beware: Curtain cords and blinds can kill and The FNDH Monthly Rental Stat Update for Dec 17

Limiting your liability is one of our biggest priorities!

By Jade Tweedie

09-01-2018 |
Sometimes our landlords are inclined to think we can be overly cautious when it comes to risk management in their properties, but risk management is serious business. Every year, toddlers worldwide become entangled in curtain cords or unsecured blind chains. However the risk is also very high for young children and when we assess your rental property, this may be any element of risk we comment on.

We believe it is not only our duty to warn our landlords of their safety obligations but to make sure action is taken to make our rental properties as safe for children as possible. A mandatory safety standard for blinds has been in place since 2004. The most recent standard, which was introduced in 2010, requires blinds and curtains to have the necessary installation instructions, warning labels and tags. It’s important that any loose or looped cords are secured so they can’t hang down, where children can reach them. If possible, looped cords should be removed by cutting the cord and installing tassels. Looped cords can also be kept out of children’s reach with tie downs (cleats) or tension devices that enclose cords and chain loops. You can securely affix tie downs or tension devices to the wall or window frame to prevent a child from
removing them.

Ideally, it’s better to only install curtains or blinds without cords or chains. Safety checks of window coverings are now considered as important as other items like pools fences, gas appliances, timber balconies and smoke detectors. So, when we make a recommendation for action concerning items of safety in a property’s condition report, it is critical that you authorise corrective repairs. This is to protect not only lives but your own interests.

If your property doesn't have blinds or curtains, we recommend their installation by a properly licensed tradesperson with experience in property management. This avoids your tenant requesting permission to self-install and then purchasing dangerous, life threatening window covers.

Monthly Rental Statistic Update - FNDH - As at 31st December 2017

December really proved to be a strong month for our team, opposed to previous years where we have usually expect to see a slow down over the Christmas period. Overall the market remained strong, tenant demand was and still us high and we were able to achieve some great dollar results in terms of yield particularly in suburbs like Lorn. Ending December with a 0% vacancy rate for our team was an absolute superb effort for all involved and we are expecting that January should result in similar results, as tenant's look to secure rental properties prior to the kids heading back to school and new employment commences!

December Rental Department Statistics:

8 Properties Leased
32 Inspections
15 Applications Received
0% Vacancy Rate (as at 31st Dec 2017)

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