Standing Up Against Bullying

Home is where you hand your heart. First National Haggarty is working to put families first in the community.

By Alexandra Haggarty

01-05-2019 |
We are proud to announce that we are partnering with Kids Helpline, Australia’s only free, private and confidential 24/7 online and phone counselling service for children and young people aged 5 to 25.

The national helpline has responded to more than 8 million contacts over the past 28 years, helping children; young people and families manage the challenges of life, so they know they are not alone and can contact somebody any time and for any reason.

We are proud to support Kids Helpline to enable them to be there to help children and young people access the free confidential counselling support they need to cope with problems like cyber-bullying, depression, homelessness, mental health or suicidal thoughts.

The service aligns perfectly with First National’s we put you first philosophy because it puts the families that live in our community first. We want to help Kids Helpline respond to more contacts for support than ever before, at any time, for any reason, because all children and young people deserve to be heard.

Every 90 seconds, someone’s son or daughter, grandchild, niece, nephew, neighbour or friend gets in contact with Kids Helpline via its free call number or web chat service. With First National Real Estate’s support, Kids Helpline will become more powerful and better known across Australia.

By supporting Kids Helpline and working to raise awareness of the excellent support it provides young Australians, First National Real Estate is helping secure this important counselling resource and we are certain this will have a positive impact on the families we serve on a daily basis.

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Together in every street, every community, putting families first.