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Preparing your home for sale
27-04-2017 |
Preparing your home for sale

When selling it is important to ensure the home is presented to the best of it's ability! Presentation simply sells and quite often attracts more dollars! Be sure to:

1. Highlight the homes main features by way of styling
2. Keep the property spick and span at all times, buyers love that FRESH feeling
3. Keep lawns and gardens tidy, ensure the outside of the house is clean - Street appeal is everything
4. Fix any minor/major maintenance issues, these can often cause problems if not done at the pest/building
5. Ensure the home smells nice before inspections, buyers are often put off by bad smells
6. Ensure the climate is right, in winter light the fire or in summer ensure it's cool, keep buyers comfortable
7. Never leave pets inside at inspections and always ensure they are tied up if outside!
8. Exit the home for inspections, allow buyers to feel at ease so the decision making process is easy
9. Overall, make the home inviting in every aspect, you definitely want a buyer to feel at HOME!